Sync with your Cycle

Sync your diet and workout with your monthly cycle for optimized efficacy. FemCy helps you take control of your daily health and maintain healthy diet and workout routine. Live well, so there are no regrets!

Daily Health Insights

Get daily insights and recommendations from the best nutrition and fitness experts customized only for you. Based on your cycle, we provide detailed daily notes on diet and workout achieve better physical, social, emotional and mind / body awareness goals.

Activity Tracker

Record and track all your activities related to physical and emotional well-being. A fully customizable tracker to add or remove questions as per your preferences. Track what you want, how you want! With total confidentiality and security.

Talk to Expert

When in doubt, ask our top experts selected exclusively for you. All your conversations will be confidential and totally anonymous. Share any data without divulging your identity. Interact with our experts using chat, live audio or live video services.


Create or join from hundreds of like-minded communities. Discuss on variety of topics such as PMS, STDs, Safe Sex, & Irregular Periods. Or get insights on more serious health concerns such as PCOS, Fertility Issues, Ovarian Cysts, Uterine Fibroids, STDs

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Femcy Media Features

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2021 May

Fermata Singapore

Femcy features in Femtech Market Map of Southeast Asia 2021 report compiled by Fermata, a leading global women's wellness platform.

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2021 April

Della HQ

Femtech In Asia is your window into the world of femtech and sexual wellness in Asia, brought to you by The Della HQ. Check this episode with Nandhini Gopal, co-founder of Femcy, a menstrual wellness app offering personalised, comprehensive lifestyle management guidance.

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2021 March


An Interview with Femcy Co-Founder, Nandhini Gopal. As part of FemTech Founder series, FemTech.Live interviewed Nandhini who shared her aspirations for Femcy and the menstrual health space.