Your Menstrual Cycle is a Productivity Tool!

Women are shattering the glass ceiling at the workplace, but in many ways, the corporate workplace still a man’s world! Male hormones have cycles too, but they complete one cycle in a day, and stay consistent throughout the month. So when productivity gurus say afternoons are best for brainstorming and meetings, it may not be necessarily true for you!

The two female hormones, estrogen and testosterone have a powerful effect on neurochemistry. While most scientific studies have focused on their negative effects (like PMS, cramps and mood swings), the same hormones can be harnessed to make the most of their positive effects.

We at Femcy studied the research and came up with the best way to use your hormones to bio-hack your way to the top. So, here’s your own productivity guide to make your hormones work for you, bosswoman!

You already know this: your monthly menstrual cycle has four distinct phases, and your hormones vary in each phase. Each phase of your cycle has amazing effects on your brain superpowers, as long as you know what they are and how you can plan ahead for them.

Follicular Phase: Day 6 to 14: Creative Genius

Creative Genius in your Follicular Phase

Your hormones are rising as your body starts preparing for a new menstrual cycle. Your mind reacts in the same way - this is a great time for writing new content or designing snappy presentations, brainstorming ideas and planning new projects. As estrogen rises, you feel social and work smoothly in teams.

Ovulation Phase: Day 15 to 17: Communication Maven

Communication Maven in your Ovulation Phase

As estrogen and testosterone are both at their peak, you become a master of communication and collaboration. The brain chemistry at this time heightens your verbal skills. You may want to schedule that important presentation, public speaking event or tricky negotiation in this phase. It’s also a great time to ask your boss for a raise!

Luteal Phase: Day 18 to 28: Power Puncher

Solo Power Puncher in your Luteal Phase

As progesterone rises and then slowly falls, your brain chemistry becomes sensitive to details. Your focus is excellent, you become more task oriented and deadlines become a priority. You are best suited to solo projects that need concentration in this phase - wrapping up projects, administrative tasks, spreadsheet and accounting tasks are not so challenging in this phase!

Menstrual Phase: Day 1 to 6: Intuition Sensation

Reflection Sensation in your Menstrual Phase

Your hormone levels fall as you approach your period, and your left and right brain and communicating more than ever. You are naturally inclined to be more self-critical in this phase. You can make it work for you by using this clarity to review and course-correct past work. Reflect on your performance and focus on big-picture, strategic thinking. Listen to your gut and ask yourself if you’re happy with the direction of your work, job and career.

We may not have complete control over our schedules, but knowing how hormones affect our brain and neurochemistry can help us plan our calendars just a little bit better. Each woman is unique, and as you pay attention to it, your mental patterns will become clearer to you. Think of it as a productivity tool that only works for you!

How can Femcy help?

You can track your moods and mental acuity through your cycle, and even see insights on how they have varied across the month. Coming soon, you can take advantage of our arsenal of stress-busting and focus-improvement guides to help your brain work toward your goals!

Sounds exciting? Check out the Femcy app here!

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Nandhini heads marketing for FemCy. She is a health science enthusiast and believes that knowledge is key to making better selfcare decisions.


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