The Dangers of Dr. Google

Don’t do it. I know you want to. Don’t search your symptoms online.
True, knowledge is a powerful tool to help you better understand your body and empower your selfcare. But with all the fake news that fills the internet today, how do you know if you’re getting verified information that works for you?

Here are some reasons why you should take Dr. Google’s advice with a pinch of salt:

There a million answers, but what is the right one for you?

A Million Search Results

In the Google Search result above, there are nearly 80 million search results for the term “PMS”. Although some of these are from quality websites, most of them aren’t. Even the wording on verified, medical websites can often be confusing and vague. And none of them are specific to you and your body.

Fake news, fake information!

Fake News

Did you know? There is actually a giant industry that profits from publishing “pseudoscience” articles specifically designed to prey on vulnerable, worried people looking for information. With the increase in Artificial Intelligence, many of these are not even written by real humans, but by bots. Want to see if you came across one? Here are the world’s most popular “fake health articles” that came out in 2019.

Self-medication can lead to scary side effects

Self Medication

Okay let’s be clear. It’s perfectly fine to take a tablet for a headache. But remember those antibiotics left over from the last time you had a doctor’s prescription? Those can be really dangerous for you. Self medicating is dangerous:

1. It can lead to antibiotic resistance
2. It can prevent you from seeking help in time for a more serious condition
3. It can cause allergies, adverse interactions with other medications and serious side effects
4. Over time, it can even lead to drug dependence and abuse (not that rare: think painkillers)

So please, throw away those leftover antibiotics. Now.

The shady world of online supplement sales

Read the label carefully

Supplements aren’t pills - they’re just health aids, right? No!

Most medications are just distilled chemicals obtained from plants. In fact, I’m sure you’ve experienced how potent Ayurvedic formulas can be. When not purchased from a known, verified source, supplements can be just as dangerous as medication. Some compounds (like Vitamin B and C) can be expelled from the body when in excess, although it can cause strain on the kidneys in very high concentrations. But others (like Vitamin A, D, E, K) can build in the body until it becomes fatal.

So pay attention to the labels on the bottles, and take those supplements with care.

So, what should you do?

That was scary! The simple solution is: Trust a professional: your doctor, a reputed hospital, a team of experts.

At Femcy, our experts are dedicated to empowering your wellness with reliable, verified information based on your symptoms and menstrual cycle. Talk to us anytime!

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Nandhini heads marketing for FemCy. She is a health science enthusiast and believes that knowledge is key to making better selfcare decisions.

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