Lockdown Learnings about Wellness

When the lockdown hit us earlier this year, it was a time of conflicting emotions. Despite all the worries and fear, it was like New Year once again:

I will make healthy meals at home everyday!
will work out everyday and emerge kilos lighter and in the best shape of my life!
I will balance all house-chores, work-from-home, kids, hygiene, everything perfectly!

Like all resolutions, you probably had varying degrees of success with these…

As we emerge from this lockdown, here are some learnings about health and wellness that we can all carry on into our regular lives as they re-start:

1) It’s possible to manage more meals at home.

SimpleHomecooked Meal

Less eating out. During most of the lockdown, we had only what the grocery stores and our kitchens could offer us. All those home-made, from-scratch meals felt so light, isn’t it? The real win is to keep doing it even after restaurants are fully back again. It’s okay to cheat occasionally! Femcy app can tell you the best phases of your menstrual cycle to eat those carb-rich comfort foods without messing with your wellness.

Planning and meal-prep make it easy. The key to removing temptations is to plan ahead and know what you’re going to eat for the next meal. If you have this plan, you can prepare ahead of time: chop vegetables in advance, make extra rice, cook extra protein… Femcy’s nutrition plans tell you what foods are best for you, based on your cycle, so you can plan and meal-prep ahead of time!

2) Small changes to routine can really boost calmness and reduce stress.

Green Tea and Peace

Separate work from home. Doing all office-related tasks restricted to one area of the house can really help to avoid the stress from spilling over into your home space. Even after the office commute resumes, try to maintain a work-life divide. Set aside time during the day for 5-minute mini-breaks where you block all work thoughts out of your head. You can also try Femcy’s guided meditations for a quick mental refresh.

Take some time to do nothing. Start your day with 10 minutes of green tea and quiet reflection in your balcony or garden. The peace from this morning routine can extend into the rest of your day, and build mental resilience against stress.

3) Add fitness to everyday life.

Quick workout

Do more physical chores. Right now, no choice! But even after regular life resumes, continue to do just one physical chore: be it watering your garden or sweeping the floor. You won’t notice the calories burning away!

Just 30 min of aerobic exercise can make a big difference. If house chores are too much for you, you can always do Femcy’s quick workout routines. These workout guides are planned based on your menstrual cycle to match your energy levels, so you’ll always feel refreshed and not over-tired at the end of a workout.

4) Too much sleep is just as tiring as too little sleep.

Just enough Sleep

Hitting the snooze button too often can cause fatigue and lethargy too, according to this Harvard article. So with sleep, go for quality over quantity, and don’t vary your routine - even if it's a weekend, vacation, or lockdown.

5) Let the small disagreements go.

Forgive and Move On

Take a moment to stand in their shoes. Lockdown has given us all a moment to empathize with the suffering of others, be it medical professionals or labourers. When we live in close proximity, little things can often seem large. Take a step back and try to look at things from the other person’s perspective. It can really minimize stress for you.

Does it matter in the long run? Think of life after the lockdown. Or maybe in a year. If the issue won’t matter then, it doesn’t matter now. And trust me, you and your health will be thankful for it.

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Nandhini heads marketing for FemCy. She is a health science enthusiast and believes that knowledge is key to making better selfcare decisions.

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